DigiFest 2015

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  • July 22, 2015

Last week, I attended EdTech DigiFest 2015. Hosted by Common Sense Education, SAANYS and NYSCATE, Tali Horowitz, Senior Education Manager at Common Sense Education, was a presenter and she covered a range of topics (and some great videos!) all focused digital citizenship.

The aim of Tali’s preso was to provide teachers with insights and real tools to teach students about online behavior. She included a list of common missed opportunities where parents don’t help their kids learn about online etiquette. She shared how most adults simply tell (shout at) their kids not to post anything personal or inappropriate online and not to interact with strangers.

Common Sense Education has created three online courses, each for selected grades complete with educator guides. The courses are free and each contains a set of lessons. Some of the lessons use gaming and problem based learning approaches wherein the students are presented with a storyline and some circumstances. They then need to develop what they would do in each circumstance. Given the hyper-speed pace of new social apps students adopt and how teachers and parents are often left in the dark, it’s great to have easy to use tools like these to help kids from having a ‘social media fail’.


Digital Passport (grades 3-5)


Digital Compass (grades 6-9)


Digital Bytes (grades 6-12)

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