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Inclusive Partner Philosophy

Better serve our schools by enabling fast, secure access to their applications and files.
Build awareness and promote the use of products that increase efficiency and improve learning outcomes.
Fully leverage open technology standards to create a level playing field for all.

Making it Work, Without Making You Pay

Partners pay nothing to integrate with our single sign-on and rostering platforms.
  • Responsive, collegial technical support for partners
  • Inclusive platform: ADFS/SAML, LTI, OAuth2, GAFE, O365
  • Partner-specific marketing and sales support and ongoing engagement programs

Curriculum & Content Partners

We connect to more than 6,000 digital learning resources, including publishers, reference providers, supplemental products, and learning management systems. Click Here to see the thousands of single sign-on connectors available in ClassLink.

Strategic Partners

Our strategic partnerships bring reciprocal value by allowing partners to offer best-in-class single sign-on while enabling ClassLink to access schools around the world.

Reseller Partners

ClassLink is available via a number of well-known technology distributors. We encourage districts working with these suppliers to inquiry about ClassLink and welcome the chance to speak with prospective distributors. Contact us if you would like to be a reseller partner.

Thought Leadership Partners

We support the ongoing development of education technology via relationships with a variety of education organizations.
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