Clay County District Schools

OneClay Digital Classroom Initiative drops Stoneware and delivers digital resources using ClassLink LaunchPad

The Challenge

The instructional technology team was committed to improving access to the growing set of digital learning resources for all students and teachers. Among those resources was a learning dashboard experience delivered through their student information system. The Clay team knew that a key element to the project’s success was to ensure every student and teacher had easy and instant access to the portal. The team began to implement WebNetwork by Stoneware, a virtual desktop system that was being used by administrators, but major challenges surfaced from the start. The system was incredibly complex and required a significant infrastructure commitment. Creating new Single Sign-On connectors and making routine configuration changes required senior engineering support that the district just couldn’t afford.

Choosing ClassLink

ClassLink was recommended by a neighboring school district and so a review was conducted. After an online demonstration and subsequent pilot it was clear that ClassLink was the better choice.  ClassLink was installed in under an hour and custom Single Sign-On connectors developed by ClassLink within minutes at no extra cost.

The Outcome

The OneClay Digital Classroom Initiative went live and gained immediate adoption across the district. The instructional technology team enjoyed one of the easiest ‘new technology’ rollouts in memory.

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“Having done our best to make it work with StoneWare, we needed a Single Sign-On solution that was both technologically sound and user-friendly. We found both of those and a good deal more in ClassLink.”
Sabrina Thomas
Clay County District Schools

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Sabrina Thomas

Director of Instructional Technology

Education, K-12

The School District encompasses a
601 square-mile suburban/rural county in Northeast Florida. Clay County boasts numerous golf courses, sports complex parks, boat ramps, and a small airport. It serves over 35,500 students and 2,400 teachers in its 46 schools.

Clay intended to launch a new portal,, for faculty and students to access all their digital learning resources. Among the goals of the project was to eliminate the frustration of remembering and entering countless usernames and passwords.

In May of 2015, during an online demonstration of ClassLink, the instructional technology team right away knew they had found the key to the success of ClassLink offers single sign-on access from any device to web apps and files, whether stored at school or in the cloud.

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