ClassLink’s New Chief Academic Officer has sounded the call: We want 2015-2016 to be the Year of Open Technology Standards.

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  • June 25, 2015
ClassLink's new Chief Academic Officer, George Perreault

ClassLink’s new Chief Academic Officer, George Perreault

Clifton, NJ – June 25, 2015 – ClassLink, provider of One-Click Single Single-on technology, today announced the appointment of George Perreault as Chief Academic Officer.

Perreault most recently served as Director, Instructional Technology and Library Media at Orange County Public Schools (OCPS) in Florida, capping off a distinguished forty-year career as teacher, administrator, and technology leader. During his time working in schools, Perreault guided OCPS through increasingly sophisticated use of technology in the classroom and across the district.

After retiring from his position as district administrator, ClassLink approached Perreault to join its growing team in the role of Chief Academic Officer so that he could continue advocating for the effective use of technology in education. Having used ClassLink at OCPS, he saw firsthand how the company’s technology was changing the way teachers and students engaged with technology and with each other.

“Few companies I worked with truly understood the needs of educators the way ClassLink does,” stated Perreault. “In large part, I could see they understood us because they kept the experience so simple. Setting up a cloud-based desktop for every teacher took two hours of an engineer’s time. It was incredible.”

Looking ahead, Perreault sees ClassLink establishing itself as a leading proponent in the use of open technology standards, particularly those developed by IMS Global Learning Consortium.  “I am concerned about schools adopting costly and proprietary workflows from third party content and SSO companies,” Perreault said. “Such providers will ultimately limit accessibility and create a burden for district staff.  To adopt anything other than open standards is a step backwards and the potential for unintended consequences is too severe.”

ClassLink CEO, Berj Akian, agreed. “Through the use of LTI® and Launch-Link connectors developed by IMS Global, ClassLink has already begun connecting districts to their preferred apps using an open technology standard. This bodes well for schools and their content and software providers alike, neither of which will have to pay fees to ClassLink for making this connection possible.”

With IMS Global Learning Consortium gaining support across the technical community, and as education technology leaders converge on ISTE 2015 in Philadelphia, ClassLink is encouraging all stakeholders – educators, technology leaders, and solution providers – to join the call for industry-wide adoption of open technology standards.

Rob Abel, CEO of IMS Global Learning Consortium, supports the idea of companies advocating for open technology standards in education, stating, “We are thrilled with the support that companies like ClassLink have shown us in using open IMS Global Learning standards.” Abel continued, “In the coming months, we expect that many school districts will be calling on their technology providers to do the same.”

In joining ClassLink, Perrault has sounded the call in saying, “We want 2015-2016 to be the Year of Open Technology Standards.”

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