ClassLink Offers Free BYOD Guidebook and Resources to Schools

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  • October 9, 2012

CLIFTON, NJ – October 8, 2012 — ClassLink, the leader in cloud and web-based education solutions is offering resources to schools in all stages of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). Whether you’re researching, planning, implementing or managing a BYOD project, ClassLink’s BYOD Guidebook and BYOD Resource Library will help you navigate the complete process. The BYOD Guidebook touches upon the following areas of interest specific to K-12 education providers:

  • Infrastructure: Understanding your wireless, bandwidth, and access points while managing security concerns.
  • Equity: Methods and strategies to ensure equitable access to devices for all students.
  • Curriculum: How to develop or modify curriculum for a digital learning environment.
  • Instruction: How to provide the needed professional development for teachers at all technology learning levels.
  • Policy: Getting policy in place and setting expectations.
  • Communication: How to keep open lines of communication about BYOD between administrators, teachers, parents and students.

The BYOD Resource Library will expand on the BYOD Guidebook by providing educators with samples documents. Visit the Resource Library to find an Acceptable Use Policy, Media Permission Form and BYOD Student/Parent/Teacher Handbook.

“At ClassLink we are committed to helping schools seamlessly integrate technology into learning environments and have been since 1998. This experience and expertise landed us at the forefront of the BYOD movement. It’s been exciting working with educators looking for new ways to accommodate digital learners and this journey has just begun. It’s become clear that BYOD is a viable way to put a learning device in the hand of every student,” said ClassLink CEO Berj Akian. “This BYOD Guidebook and Resource Library results from years of experience working with successful schools. The BYOD Guidebook and Resource Library are designed to help create successful BYOD environments in any school or district.”

To view the ClassLink BYOD Guidebook and for a complete resource library on how to go 1 to 1 with BYOD visit:
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