ClassLink and Mackin Partner To Leverage Open Tech Standards

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  • June 22, 2016

Students and Teachers enjoy Single Sign-On to an industry leader in print and digital media

Clifton, NJ – June 22, 2016 – ClassLink announced a new single sign-on connection to Mackin Educational Resources, a leading adaptive learning platform for grades K-8. This new partnership will provide users with secure, one-click access to MackinVIA, a free and complete digital resource management system providing easy access to eBooks, audiobooks, educational databases, and video.

ClassLink LaunchPad  delivers single sign-on to web resources, like MackinVia, and to files, whether they are stored in the cloud, on a device, or on the school network. With more than 3,000 single sign-on connectors, ClassLink has brought together more resources than all other single sign-on platforms combined.

For 33 years, Mackin has provided library and classroom materials for pre-K-12 teachers and students. Working with over 18,000 publishers and a database of more than 2.5 million printed titles and more than 350,000 digital titles, Mackin supplies print books, eBooks, online educational databases, audiobooks, video resources and more, along with digital content management and custom collection analysis services.

Mackin’s Director of Digital Services, Mesa Heise, praised the partnership, “We consider ourselves a dedicated partner in the advancement of education by giving schools everything they need to succeed. We consider ClassLink a true partner to providers like Mackin by making the sign-on and class rostering process for our schools easy, fast and free.” Heise continued, “ClassLink offers partner integration at no charge. Working in concert with our free MackinVIA, it’s proving to be an ideal partnering.”

ClassLink CEO, Berj Akian, echoed the sentiments of Mesa Heise, “A rising tide of partners in education that view ClassLink as the best path forward when it comes to single sign-on and class rostering. The relationship with Mackin is emblematic of a partnership model that benefits everyone – schools, publishers and technology providers. This model is made possible by ClassLink’s ability to leverage open tech standards, avoid unnecessary fees to partners, and focus on doing what’s in the best interest of educators.”

ClassLink and Mackin are leveraging OAuth2 to provide a rich integration of two world-class providers. Schools, developers, and publishers that embrace any number of free, openly available specifications have better, more secure, and faster connections between digital education resources. ClassLink stands alone among single sign-on providers in its ability to work with a comprehensive suite of integration protocols.

About ClassLink
ClassLink provides LaunchPad and OneRoster. LaunchPad enables single sign-on access to web and Windows applications, and instant access to files at school and in the cloud. OneRoster easily and securely delivers class rosters to any publisher using open technology standards. Accessible from any computer, tablet or smartphone, ClassLink is ideal for 1to1 and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives. ClassLink adoptions continue to accelerate across the US, as does its roster of partners. ClassLink LaunchPad is now the preferred single sign-on platform for thousands of schools and districts around the world and for an increasing number of publishers and platform providers. Follow us on Twitter @ClassLink.

About Mackin
For over 33 years, Mackin Educational Resources has provided library and classroom materials for grades PK-12. Known the world over for exemplary service and a stringent attention to detail, Mackin has access to more than 18,000 publishers and a collection of more than 2.5 million printed titles. Additionally, Mackin features a robust selection of more than 300,000 eBook titles and nearly 50,000 audiobooks, databases and video resources available through their free, state-of-the-art digital resource management system, MackinVIA.  This highly sought-after eResource management tool was recently awarded two distinctive awards; Best of Show at ISTE 2015 and was named the winner of a 2015 Awards of Excellence by Tech & Learning.  Today, the free MackinVIA is found in thousands of schools and accessed by nearly nine million students around the world. For more information, visit or call 800-245-9540.

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