ClassLink Introduces Enhanced Single Sign-On Methods to Improve Access

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  • April 5, 2017

Accompanying Guidebook Shows How QuickCard, Faces, and Remote Login Extend
Best Practices for Identity Management

Clifton, NJ – April 5, 2017 ClassLink announced the availability of three single sign-on methods that create fast, easy, secure access for teachers and students around the world. With more than 5,000 single sign-on connectors and comprehensive use of open technology standards, ClassLink is the most inclusive single sign-on platform in education today.

Already a leader in providing identity management, single sign-on, and class rostering solutions for K-12 and Higher Education, ClassLink now extends its leading position with options that further reduce barriers to effective technology utilization. In addition to conventional login methods via school credentials, Microsoft and Google Identities, and social media handles, ClassLink users can now use:

  • ClassLink QuickCard: This simple method gives each person a QuickCard (similar to an ID card) with a Quick Response (QR) code imprinted on it. Wave the QuickCard in front of a computer/tablet camera and the individual is instantly logged in. The QuickCard’s QR image contains an encrypted code which takes the place of a username and password. ClassLink designed the QuickCard to work from any device with a camera, including laptops/desktops, Chromebooks, iPads and other tablets, and mobile phones.
  • ClassLink Faces: Using facial recognition technology standards, ClassLink can enable individuals to sign in by taking a selfie. A simple photo, pre-loaded and verified using state-of-the-art recognition software, generates valid, reliable user access. As with ClassLink QuickCard, Faces will work on any device with a camera, including laptops/desktops, Chromebooks, iPads and other tablets, and mobile phones.
  • ClassLink Remote Login: With the ClassLink Remote Login mobile app, an individual can walk up to any computer and by clicking a button on the mobile app instruct the computer to login, without touching a key on the keyboard. Using the ClassLink Remote Login mobile app, an individual does not need to enter his/her username and password on a computer, which is ideal for public settings and shared computers.

Each of the above methods can be implemented at the discretion of each school customer, ensuring that schools deploy these methods in a manner consistent with internal policies and in compliance with security best practices.

Berj Akian, CEO of ClassLink, shared the motivation for introducing QuickCard, Faces, and Remote Login, “Helping schools improve educational outcomes through the use of technology is core to our mission, so we feel it’s critical to focus on eliminating barriers to access.” Akian continued, “These new sign-on methods are part of our inclusive approach to working with schools, standards organizations, and fellow providers to ensure that teachers and students have exactly what they need to be successful, with no restriction on devices nor limits on the number of apps.”

Chris Nilsson, Technology Director of Lamar Consolidated ISD, Texas, praised the development, saying, “ClassLink consistently offers our stake holders a uniform, simplified approach to accessing technology, so we are impressed that they continue raise the standard for what fast, secure, and equitable access looks like in education.” Nilsson recently named as the Texas Computer Education Association’s Technology Administrator of the Year, “Schools see ClassLink as a trusted partner not only because they deliver excellent technology solutions, but because they care deeply about educational outcomes. These new methods are a good reflection of that sentiment.”

Coupled with the release of these new methods, ClassLink published Single Sign-On in Education: The Demand for Fast and Easy Access. This guidebook, part of a series of resources from ClassLink, examines the importance of access management and best practices for schools seeking to improve access and security. As with everything ClassLink does for schools, this is another example of how it strives to build lasting relationships with its education partners.

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