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  • November 9, 2017

In this series, we interview District Administrators about their experience with ClassLink Analytics. ClassLink Analytics shows digital learning resources and business tools usage by the school, grade, and individual. Custom, easy-to-read charts include ‘Logins Outside of School Hours’, ‘Top Applications, ‘Device Types’ and more. ClassLink Analytics is also available as a mobile app that tracks and reports data in real-time.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Maurice Draggon, Director, Instructional Systems at Orange County Public SD (OCPS) in Florida. Below are some of the highlights of our talk.

How long has OCPS been using ClassLink Analytics?

We’ve been using this feature since 2016, as part of a way to evaluate our 1 to 1 initiative. As we expanded our digital resource tools, we needed a way to see if the tools were actually being used.

How are you using the reports provided on the usage dashboard?

We use the reports in various ways; during monthly highlights meetings, to distribute among district leadership, and when gathering feedback from schools.

What was the process for tracking digital resource usage before ClassLink?

We did not have a formal process in place for getting usage data from suppliers. If it was required, we would request the details from each vendor.

By using ClassLink Analytics, can you measure any reduced costs?

We have been able to make renewal decisions with greater confidence. The tool also helps with price comparison. If two resources are of similar cost but one is being used much less that can help inform decisions on which one to renew.

Any final thoughts to share?

The initial release was much larger scale, with usage reports ranging from district-wide to the individual user. We needed to view school-based levels also and were pleased when this feedback was included in the product roadmap. The mobile app is pretty convenient. Keeping the usage reports up-to-date with real-time information on the desktop and mobile version is very important.

Is your school district using ClassLink Analytics? We’d love to feature you in a future post. Contact Marla Wilson @ to arrange an interview.

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