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GEMS International Private School

United Arab Emirates
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GEMS International Private School Eliminates Lost Instruction Time

The Challenge

Login issues result in lost learning opportunities

At GEMS International School (GIS) in Dubai, technology and digital resources play a central role in helping 1,400 students become critical thinkers, lifelong learners, and global-minded citizens. The private, International Baccalaureate school has a BYOD program for grades three and up, 1:1 iPads for younger students, over 15 different online platforms, and dozens of educational apps and resources.

Zeeshan Nabi, the Director of IT and Chief Innovation & Digital Officer at GIS, says with so many resources, students started having trouble remembering all their login details.

"At the start of an academic year, it could take anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes to get all the students logged in at the beginning of a lesson. And if we were introducing a new platform, a whole lesson could be wasted," he explains.

Choosing ClassLink

One location, one username and one password for digital learning

ClassLink worked with GIS IT staff to integrate ClassLink LaunchPad's single sign-on functionality with the school's virtual learning environment provider.

Through that collaboration, Nabi says students could continue to use the school's branded dashboard, called My GIS, as their daily launchpad to learning. Only now, instead of entering a username and password for each individual resource, students sign in to My GIS once and gain access to all their digital resources. Everything is accessible after one single sign in step.

"Some of the best tools available for learning right now are online and technology-based," explains Nabi. "Our end goal is to remove any barriers that prevent students from accessing those resources and tools, and ClassLink does that for us."

The Outcome

ClassLink eliminates barriers to instruction

Nabi says ClassLink's single sign-on functionality has ended the school’s login issues. "ClassLink has eliminated the problem of lost instruction time at GEMS International School." Now it is far easier for students to find the resources they need, login, and start learning right away.

Students log in to My GIS to access timetables, news, calendars, notifications, online classes, and of course, digital learning resources. They can also find assignments and submit classwork. Parents can even access the dashboard to track students' work, grades, and school news and information.

He also explains that GIS’s ClassLink journey won't end with using ClassLink Launchpad for single sign-on. The school plans to start using ClassLink Roster Server and OneSync to support easier rostering and provisioning in the coming months.

The director and leadership team at GIS also report that ClassLink Analytics will be incredibly useful as the budget season approaches. They plan to use the data ClassLink Analytics gathers around student engagement and use of digital resources, to guide decisions about technology purchases and license renewals.

“Our end goal is to remove any barriers that prevent students from accessing those resources and tools, and ClassLink does that for us."

Zeeshan Nabi
GEMS International Private School

Project Lead

Project Leads

Zeeshan Nabi
Director of IT, Chief Innovation & Digital Officer


Education, K-12


GEMS International School is a private International Baccalaureate school in Dubai with 1,400 students.


Students were losing anywhere from 10 minutes to a full class of instruction time because they forgot login details for their digital learning resources.


ClassLink’s single sign-on functionality eliminated the problem of lost instruction time at GEMS International School, providing quick, easy access to digital learning resources for students.

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Zeeshan Nabi