Top Ways Schools Use Social Media Tools

Use of smart phones, tablets, and mobile devices are receiving the green light in more and more of today’s schools, but a recent reader poll by eSchool News makes it clear that while social networking pages are a fun, interactive and quick communication path with students and parents – it’s still on pause. Social networking within the majority of schools raises fears around school security, cyber-bullying, and teacher-student online relationships. Wanting to understand how social media, a profound influence on our culture, can benefit the K-12 districts and schools, readers wer...

Small steps, Big moves

As of late, it seems many teachers are vouching for a technology-centric classroom – allowing their students to work in group laptop sessions, blogging about an article they’ve read, or inserting new and interesting ways to bolster academic development, such as rap renditions (as mentioned a recent ClassLink blog, Alternative Teaching Methods). It’s no surprise that 7th grade English students are studying Shakespeare’s “As You Like It,” in a non-traditional way at Kyrene School District. This particular district in Arizona strongly vouches for a tech-driven education envi...

Today’s Multi-viewing Generation

ClassLink was intrigued by this article about multi-screen viewing among students. Generally, multi-tasking is something to be praised, as most parents can attest to – our society often beckons us to be doing three things at once, but what about where our children are concerned? Some are raising their hand to say that maybe children should stay away from the overwhelming heap of technology mutli-tasking, also referenced as multi-viewing. Today, its commonplace for children to use a laptop while watching TV or for them to use an iPad while viewing their mobile device. This generation is gr...

Alternative Teaching Methods

ClassLink Calssroom
Conveying important learning concepts to students can be challenging. In recent years, a number of teachers have gone above and beyond creatively taking what would be considered boring learning methods and turning them into fun, creative concepts for their students. One such example, Mr. Duey, a middle school math teacher who’s academic rap song has gone viral. He takes the subject of fractions and breaks it down to a simpler “tune” for students. This well-intentioned rap video teaches students to resolve improper fractions and percentages. Entertaining – yes! Purposeful – definit...