Distance Education from an Undergraduate Perspective

A recent NCES  analysis uncovered that 20% of all undergraduates had taken at least one distance education class during the 2007-2008 academic year. These findings surpassed those observed in both 1999 to 2000 which was at 8%, as well as in 2003 and 2004, which was observed at 16%. The study takes into consideration distance education as defined as a course taken for credits that didn't utilize in-person correspondence, rather was primarily delivered by way of interactive audio, videoconferencing, pre-recorded instructional videos, webcasts, CD-ROM or DVD, or a computer-based systems via t...

Recognition for K-12 Technology Career Studies

At ClassLink, we love to see the evidence of change! Of steps being taken towards tangible action, especially where it concerns education and learning for students all around the country. A solid example of this is a recent article that crossed our desks… This week Arkansas officials declared a new agenda they will be enacting which will directly target students who’re studying in high-tech fields. To introduce them to a concrete and broader curriculum in these studies, officials there took steps at allotting $2.68 million to this new campaign known as STEM Works program. This program w...

Alternative Teaching Methods

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Conveying important learning concepts to students can be challenging. In recent years, a number of teachers have gone above and beyond creatively taking what would be considered boring learning methods and turning them into fun, creative concepts for their students. One such example, Mr. Duey, a middle school math teacher who’s academic rap song has gone viral. He takes the subject of fractions and breaks it down to a simpler “tune” for students. This well-intentioned rap video teaches students to resolve improper fractions and percentages. Entertaining – yes! Purposeful – definit...