Beginners guide to IMS Global’s Big 4 Standards for K-12

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  • June 25, 2015
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IMS Global is a nonprofit member organization that promotes open technology standards in education.

With roots originally in Higher Ed, IMS Global Learning Consortium has become the leader for open technology standards across education including K-12, corporate and government.  It’s increasingly useful for tech leaders of K-12 institutions to have a working knowledge of IMS and what they offer the industry. Here’s a primer to get you started.

Who made up IMS Global?

In 1995 a group of concerned educators and industry partners within EDUCAUSE came together wanting to establish a standard format for exchanging data between different data systems. Since that time IMS has developed many standards for data exchange.

 Is it a Standard or a Specification?

We’ll call it a ‘Standard’. A Standard is “an agreed upon protocol, usually developed according to a specified set of rules and procedures providing consensus amongst many parties and is published by a neutral party”. A Specification is usually a document, which may be focused on a single project and/or multiple Standards.

Why we are fans of IMS Global?

The key factor everyone looks for in a technology standards organization is essentially this: ‘Are they effective in creating industry collaborations towards getting things done?’  By that measure IMS is head and shoulders above the rest. They have 20 years’ experience (no small accomplishment!) in getting schools and companies in the education industry to collaborate to develop smart and useful technology standards. The results of those collaborations makes life easier for schools and companies alike. Along those lines George Perreault, from our team, has called 2015-16 the year of Open Technology Standards.  Dear IMS Global, live long and prosper.

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