Leadership, Vision, Support

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  • March 12, 2008

This post at Helping Laptop Programs Work hits on an important dimension that needs to be addressed as we move closer to the age of “one to one” computing.

But now we have Web 2.0 and now we have one-to-oneĀ and now we have the opportunities and the vehicles for technology to truly be ubiquitous in classrooms in terms of not just hardware, but in terms of creating content that is potentially seen by nearly anyone. We should be thinking of technology in broader strokes now because the means and the possibilities exist to take our classrooms so much further than before in terms of technology infusion and fluency.

With greater access to technology comes the responsibility of more creative and more meaningful uses of the technology. One to one creates great possibilities; but also the need for great leadership, vision, and support.

Miguel Guhlin, at Around the Corner points to this TEA Vision 20.20 grant announcement:

A technology immersed campus uses technology as a bridge to more engaged, relevant, meaningful, and personalized student learning. The end goal for campuses using immersion is a teaching and learning environment where:

* Technology is integrated into teaching and learning via ongoing professional development

* Technology provides greater levels of student interest, inquiry, collaboration, and content production

* Technology provides anytime, anywhere learning through a variety of delivery systems

So, as we work to provide the access to computing devices for every student; we must also examine the new and “broader” uses of technology; including Web 2.0…the Read-Write Web.